Okay, so, best day ever.

After spending Thursday and Friday super high in the hospital (they gave me drugs :/) I feel like today was much deserved. I have been OBSESSED (and i DO mean obsessed) with  Lights . She is amazingly clever, funny, and extremely talented. I love everything she stands for. Anyway, I saw her for the second time tonight (the first time I saw her was exactly a year earlier!) and we all had a blast!

If you don’t know who she is, then let me (or YouTube, I should say) inform you.

Thank me later. 😛


In other news………………

Well that’s all I have. 🙂

Let me know what you think of her!

P.s here’s a lil taste of our relationship 😉

and her boy.

this is an exclusive pic, 😉


I’m All Gross

Warning: If you don’t enjoy lovey dovey, romantic, mushy things then don’t read this.

Joel, you’re amazing and I don’t tell you enough how much I appreciate you. So now you can always come look at this when I make you sad or mad. 😛

What I dig most about you.

2. The fact that you won’t care that this starts with 2.

3. You’re a christian, and you’re an accountability partner. Keepin’ me in check, and remindin me of important things that keep my head up.

4. Your artistic ability. I love your imagination and how I never know where you get your ideas and how you never brag about how amazing you are at what you do! Your graffiti is one of a kind and your t-shirts make me wanna buy em.

5.  Obviously, your humor. I love the things you say at the perfect moments. If i went without another one of your  “PEETOES!” or “BABOOSTOS,” I’d be lost! D:

6. Photography. It blows me away, and one day your photos will be recognized all over the world! 🙂

7. How you’re always happy. With me being so negative always, its always nice to have your positive attitude around me.

8. Your curiosity for the world and your want to be everywhere is amazing and beautiful.

9. Your skating skills. You’re seriously the best and I’m glad I get to witness you do your passion on the daily. You’re gonna make it big, dude. 🙂

My very own pirate ❤